Foodservice solutions in growing out-of-home breakfast market

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd August 2018

RECENT studies show Australia’s out-of-home breakfast market is currently worth $7.7 billion, with a significant number of people looking for a quick fix to save time in the morning, prompting a need for hospitality operators to fill this increasing demand.

With 50 per cent of Australians choosing to eat out in the morning to save time, the on-the-go breakfast market has a strong, established consumer demand which Sunny Queen is hoping to capitalise on with its Meal Solutions offering to the foodservice industry.

Sunny Queen managing director John O’Hara says as more Australians opt to eat quick and easy breakfasts on-the-go, there is an increased number of commercial outlets seeking nutritious solutions to broaden and modernise their morning menu that are also cost-effective and simple to prepare.

“Our Omelette Bites in particular offer outlets with high morning traffic a quick fantastic alternative to their traditional breakfast and snack options – allowing consumers to easily enjoy a nutritious, hot and flavoursome meal on-the-go,” Mr O’Hara says.

“Paired with a coffee or another drink in a combo meal deal, they become a great value complete offer.”

Omelette Bites are made from quality farm fresh eggs, real ingredients and no artificial colours and come with two flavours.

They are fully cooked for food safety, meaning in-store reheat time is quick and they have a long frozen shelf life suitable for a range of commercial outlets including cafes, airlines, event caterers, stadiums and aged care facilities.

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