Over The Moo takes home National Telstra New Business award

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 30th August 2017

Over The Moo Founder and Head Honcho Alexander Houseman

Sydney food start up, Over The Moo, has won the national 2017 Telstra New Business Award.

Over The Moo, which produces ice cream made from coconut milk, won the award after taking out the NSW Telstra New Business Award earlier in 2017.

Over The Moo was founded two years ago and today is a stockist for Woolworths. The business was founded by Alex Houseman who is lactose intolerant and saw a gap in the market for dairy-free ice cream.

“I really felt that I’d created something unique,” Houseman said about his product after winning the award.

“It was a product that delivered comparable taste and texture to traditional dairy and didn’t skimp on indulgence. I knew Over The Moo wasn’t like anything else on the market.”

The increasing popularity of dairy-free products

Recently released Euromonitor data reveals the dairy-free ice cream category is growing twice as fast as traditional dairy ice cream.

In 2017, the ice cream and frozen dessert category grew by 5 per cent to $2.6 billion, while the dairy-free ice cream category has expanded by 12 per cent.

The drive behind the category’s growth has been attributed to demand from lactose intolerance and those choosing to avoid lactose due to a perceived negative impact on the digestive system.

An increasing uptake of vegan eating, especially in Australia, has also been attributed to the growth in demand. According to Euromonitor, Australia’s packaged vegan food market is currently worth $136 million and set to reach $215 million by 2020.


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