Apple that is red inside coming to Australia

Posted by Nicholas Nakos on 23rd October 2017

Australian family-owned fresh produce company Montague have announced they are launching a debut apple brand named Kissabel that is ‘red inside’.

Kissabel apples have been grown by an international consortium comprising of 14 of the biggest apple producers from five continents, after 20 years of research conducted by French breeder Ifored.

The product recently launched in Europe, with Australian consumers soon expected to be able to taste the new apple brand.

Apples available to consumers post 2020

Kissabel fruit from three varieties has been chosen for the first commercial tests of the brand in Europe, and made its way to Australian orchards in winter 2017.

Montague aims to plant 14 varieties in the coming years, with apples available for consumers post 2020.

Plans for Kissabel to extend globally

The range of apple flavours includes Kissabel Orange, with an attractive orange skin that conceals a pink-red flesh, with a sweet-tart balance.

Ifored Chairman Bruno Essner said, “the Kissabel brand is characterised by crunching into an apple and discovering its unique flesh colour.”

“The Ifored partners are preparing for the release of Kissabel apples all over the world in the next five years,” Essner said.

Montague expects to have a select amount of Kissabel samples available for trade testing mid-2019 as a result of first harvest in winter 2017.

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Image- Kissabel apples