Bega Cheese acquires Victorian Kraft peanut butter factory

Posted by Nicholas Nakos on 23rd October 2017

Australian-owned Bega Cheese has acquired the former Kraft Peanut Butter factory in Victoria, adding the spread to its portfolio.

Bega, famously known for cheese, will produce the original recipe Kraft product in Victoria, maintaining hundreds of jobs for Victorian factory workers.

Bega Executive Chairman, Barry Irvin said the company takes pride in looking after all of its employees and is committed to keeping jobs in Australia.

Will Bega change Kraft’s famous peanut butter recipe?

Consumers will now see a slightly ‘refreshed’ packaging on the shelves of Australian supermarkets, with the Bega logo appearing instead of the Kraft one.

Despite the label change, Bega said the peanut butter recipe will remain the same.

The Kraft ‘never oily, never dry’ recipe mantra remains, with the only difference being the product is now owned by Bega.

The change to Bega peanut butter in Australia also comes after Bega acquired the rights to the brand from Mondelez International in February 2017.

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