Mintel reveals 5 global food & drink trends for 2018

Posted by Nicholas Nakos on 30th October 2017

Market intelligence researchers Mintel predicts there are 5 key trends in 2018.

Its findings are part of its latest report, Global Food & Drink Trends 2018.

Here are the five identified trends

1. Full product transparency

Consumers are set to require complete and total transparency from food and drink companies moreso than ever before according to Mintel.

The need for reassurance about the safety and trustworthiness of products means consumers should expect an increased use of natural, ethical and environmental claims in global food and drink launches in 2018.

Manufacturers will also be challenged to make transparent and traceable products accessible to their entire consumer base, regardless of income.

2. Self-care awareness

Ingredients, products and combinations that provide nutritional or emotional benefits are expected to develop further in 2018.

The challenges of the modern lifestyle has driven people towards ‘self-care’ and prioritising time for themselves, according to the report.

A variety of formats and portion sizes will present consumers with solutions and treats to incorporate into their lifestyles.

3. Food and drink personalisation

Shopping is becoming more effortless thanks to home delivery, subscription services and automatic grocery replenishment.

Companies and retailers are expected to use this technology to establish greater efficiency, such as customised recommendations, cross-category pairings and solutions to save consumers time and energy.

Opportunities exist for companies to entice consumers by creating products that make shopping more efficient, affordable and enjoyable.

Such personalisation is expected to be made possible due to the expansion of online and mobile food shopping in 2018.

4. ‘Cultured’ laboratories

The food technological revolution in manufacturing is taking a new turn with the development of cultured products in laboratory conditions.

Mintel predicts that food science will be used to design better quality food products, for nutrition, ingredient consistency, efficacy and purity.

5. Texture is the new taste experience

Texture is the next facet of food and drink manufacturing that is being leveraged to consumers in 2018, according to Mintel.

Opportunities will be created for the sharing of food experiences, particularly in the online space.

The multi-sensory food and drink experience that texture provides is especially appealing to younger generations, according to the report.

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