Australian food regulation priorities for 2017-2021 announced

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th November 2017

Australia’s 2017-2021 food regulation priorities has been announced.

The Australian food regulators priorities for 2017-2021 include:

  • Reducing foodborne illness, particularly related to Campylobacter and Salmonella;
  • Supporting the public health objectives to Reduce chronic disease related to overweight and obesity; and
  • Maintaining a strong, robust and agile food regulation system.

Each of the priorities will consider a number of different issues, many of which are already at the stakeholder consultation stage.

Important development 

One important development is the implementation of the revised Policy Guideline for Food Safety Management: retail/food service and completion of risk management toolkit project, which is at stage 4 of 5.

Stage 4 will consider which food safety management tools should be applied according to risk.

The final stage will determine the best way to implement the tools in a way which is consistent nation-wide.


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