Thankyou Group to stop producing food

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 11th December 2017

The Thankyou Group will be phasing out all of its food products by April 2018.

Thankyou Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Flynn, said the decision to discontinue the group’s food ranges was the toughest decision the social enterprise has had to make.

“It’s our intent that everything we create is remarkable,” Flynn said.

“The humbling and hard truth is though we innovated and fought hard for three years, we failed to produce a market-leading food range. We joined the game in food, we didn’t change it.”

Flynn said all four of the Thankyou Group’s ranges, which includes food, water, body care and baby care, were placed under a microscope, with the group having to decide which ones to invest in again.

“Ultimately, dropping the food range was the best decision for the future of Thankyou and our goal to help end global poverty in this lifetime,” Flynn said.

Thankyou reported that both its food and  water categories have been on the decline but it decided to re-invest in water with its innovation team working on a “game-changing” idea to turn the category around.

The group’s body care products are reportedly performing well and its baby care and nappy uptake is on the rise.

The Thankyou Group is a social enterprise that gives away 100 per cent of its profit to causes that help end global poverty.


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