Social media is influencing ice cream eating habits

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 10th January 2018

How a photo of consumer’s ice cream will look on social media is influencing what ice cream Australians are choosing to buy new research has found.

According to ice cream retailer, Baskin-Robbins, one in 10 Australians not only want to eat an ice cream, but also share a photo of it online.

Men are more likely than women to share a picture of their ice cream online. Men are also more likely to choose an ice cream flavour and colour because they are planning to share it on social media.

One in four people living in New South Wales let Instagram dictate what ice cream they choose to eat.

Aussies want to share ice cream online, but not in real life

Although Baskin-Robbins found a number of Australians want to share pictures of their ice cream online, they are less keen to actually share their ice cream in real life.

Almost half of respondents said they refuse to share their ice cream with anyone else. Just over a quarter said they would share, only if the other person provided their own spoon.

Australians are however happy to eat their own ice cream in the company of others with 20 per cent of respondents saving eating ice cream until they are with someone special to them.

One in three people say they like to eat ice cream with their family.

General Manager of Baskin-Robbins Australia, Ben Flintoff, said the research provides some important insight into today’s ice cream eaters.

“Governed by the technologies of today, Aussies are increasingly open to trying new and exciting flavours with one in three letting colours dictate their choice,” Flintoff said.

“Unsurprisingly, an unsolicited lick is still a no go with only one in seven respondents happy to grant permission.”


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