Pepsi unveils new global marketing campaign

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 15th January 2018

Cindy Crawford in “This Is The Pepsi” 2018 “Pepsi Generations” TV Advertisement which will debut during Super Bowl LII (PRNewsfoto/PepsiCo)

Pepsi will spend 2018 celebrating 120 years of the brand’s place in pop culture as part of a new global marketing campaign.

In announcing the “Pepsi Generations” campaign, PepsiCo said over the years, Pepsi has created memorable moments and has helped shaped culture, all of which will be celebrated in the latest marketing move.

The campaign will be officially launched in February 2018 with an advertisement that will play during the US’ Super Bowl. The ad will feature iconic celebrities used in previous Pepsi advertising including Cindy Crawford who starred in a 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl ad.

“To this day, people come up to me to talk about how much they loved my original Pepsi spot from ’92,” Crawford said.

“The commercial was a big moment for me and has spanned generations. I am proud to play a role in this iconic pop-culture phenom and excited for fans to see our new take on the Pepsi spot during Super Bowl.”

The rest of the campaign will include the release of limited edition “retro” packaging in select countries, US exhibits on Pepsi’s history and the return of Pepsi Stuff in the US, a program that allows consumers to redeem Pepsi merchandise.

In total, the campaign will reach 55 countries across the globe.

Chad Stubbs, Vice President, Marketing, Pepsi Trademark, North America, said since Pepsi was first founded it has stood for a youthful spirit and the choice of a new generation.

“2018 will be a year to celebrate the past while embracing the future; always reminding consumers to do what they love and have a little fun in their lives,” Stubbs said.


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