NSW Return and Earn sees 50 million containers deposited

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 5th February 2018

The New South Wales container deposit scheme has already seen the return of more than 50 million drink containers since its launch 1 December 2017.

According to the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA),daily returns of containers are averaging 1.5 million.

Weekends are the busiest time for returns with one Sunday in January 2018 peaking at 1.8 million returns.

There is currently 349 collection points in NSW with more to come. The most popular sites so far include Emerton, Casula, Granville, Revesby and Prospect, all of which have each received more than one million containers since the scheme commenced.

The NSW Container Deposit Scheme was introduced by the NSW State Government to help reduce litter in the state by 40 per cent by 2020.

Woolworths was the first retail refunder to partner with the scheme.


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