Aus Gov funds Manuka honey marketing push

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 19th March 2018

The Australian Federal Government has awarded the Australian Manuka Honey Association $165, 000 to promote Australian Manuka honey as a valuable medicinal honey overseas.

The association says the funds will be used to raise awareness about “the unique qualities of Australia’s Manuka honey”.

The funding comes as Australia and New Zealand continue to battle over the rights and origin of Manuka honey, a type of honey growing in popularity for its believed health benefits, such as helping with colds and wounds.

New Zealand’s honey industry argues that Manuka honey is native to New Zealand and so it should be able to exclusively sell Manuka honey.

The Australian Manuka Honey Association however argues that the Leptospermum tree, from which Manuka Honey comes from, is a native Australian plant and so New Zealanders should not have the exclusive rights to the Manuka name.

Paul Callander, Chairman of the Australian Manuka Honey Association, said the Australian Manuka Honey Association is appreciative of the funding to help market Australian Manuka honey.

“This growing industry has opened up additional opportunity for Australian Manuka honey to further develop medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical markets as well as Manuka honey in a jar.

“This expansion will lead to new jobs in the development of value add products manufactured in Australia, which are in increasingly high demand from global consumers,” he said.


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