Local Legends now producing biltong

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 5th March 2018

Local Legends new biltong

Australian beef jerky producer Local Legends has added biltong to its range of products.

Biltong is similar to jerky but is usually larger in size and is air dried.

Local Legends biltong is made from Australian steak and was created as a way to grow the Local Legends business whilst still providing consistency in product range.

Michael Langtry, National Sales Manager at Local Legends, said biltong will allow Local Legends to bring new consumers to the food snacking category whilst maintaining its business values.

“Local Legends is all about natural protein, an active lifestyle, a positive eating experience and honest, Australian quality,” Langtry said.

“We know that traditionally, people either eat jerky or biltong, not both, but as the industry leaders in category innovation, we pride ourselves on being able to go against the grain, diversify and appeal to new consumers.”

Local Legends biltong is now available at Woolworths supermarkets.


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