Spotlight on animal welfare practices behind Christmas Hams

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 6th December 2017

The welfare standards maintained whilst producing some of Australia’s most popular Christmas hams have been revealed.

As judged by animal advocacy group, World Animal Protection,  Woolworths Gold Free Range Leg Ham and Coles Finest RSPCA Approved Free Range Ham were announced as having the “highest animal welfare standards in place”.

Other hams sold at Coles and Woolworths did not fare as well, three Woolworths and one Coles ham were judged as having “lower animal welfare standards”.

The ham rankings were based off a survey issued by World Animal Protection to different Australian ham producers and retailers. According to World Animal Protection, a number of retailers and producers did not respond to the survey including IGA, Aldi, Primo, Otway, Bertocchi, Dorsogna and Tibaldi.

World Animal Protection Campaign Manager, Amber Jacobus, said the no responses are “unacceptable”.

“It’s unacceptable that some supermarkets and brands couldn’t or wouldn’t provide us with detailed information on their animal welfare practices,” Jacobus said.

“Consumers have no way of knowing whether the pigs were well treated, and what specific conditions they were raised in.”

Jacobus is now urging Australians to let their Christmas ham purchasing decisions communicate their concerns around animal welfare.

“Use your purchasing power to send a clear message to the pig industry and major retailers that animal welfare matters to you, and your family,” Jacobus said.

World Animal Protection has published an online and pocket guide based off its survey results called ‘Your Responsible Christmas Ham Guide’.


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