Pork finds sales success with marketing drive

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 14th March 2018

Promotion and sales of pork has paid off in increased Australian retail sales of the meat Nielsen research has found.

According to Nielsen, over the past 12 months in Australia, pork has experienced a 5.7 per cent value increase.

Across the 12 months, the Australian pork industry ran its 6-2-2 marketing campaign which educated consumers on how to cook pork perfectly.

Throughout the measured time period, 50 per cent of pork sold was on promotion, up from the 42.5 per cent purchased on promotion in the prior 12-months.

Nielsen said pork was noticeably cheaper than lamb in three quarters of the year, leading the meat to be seen as an attractive option for those wanting to save money.

Nielsen further reported that Australian consumers continue to respond well to promotional activity on lamb, presenting an opportunity for lamb to increase its sales in the next 12-months.

“Lamb’s Australia Day campaign creates major waves and sales each year, so finding other opportunities throughout the year to draw consumer attention would help to maintain lamb’s place in the trolley year-round,” Nielsen reported.

Overall meat sales in Australia remained stable compared to the prior 12-months. Households only purchased slightly less meat than they did in the last year. The stability was attributed to population growth, which is currently sitting at 1.6 per cent.

Beef and lamb currently account for 40 per cent of all Australian meat sales, whilst despite the promotional success, pork only accounts for 10 per cent of sales.


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