Nespresso launches new dessert-inspired coffee flavours in Barista Creations range

Posted by Media Release Agency on 12th May 2020

Nespresso has launched six new tantalising flavoured coffees under the BARISTA CREATIONS range – including the smoothness of caramel and the boldness of cocoa and expertly crafted to achieve a perfect balance between roasted coffee notes and sweet indulgence.

The new flavoured coffees in the Nespresso BARISTA CREATIONS range draw on the craft and creativity of the world’s finest baristas, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy café quality coffee in the comfort of their home. Smooth and rounded roasts are complemented by warm and sweet flavours that are almost impossible to resist:

  • For the Original line, choose from the velvety Vanilla Éclair, the creamy Caramel Crème Brulée or the rich Cocoa Truffle.
  • For the Vertuo line, be tempted by the silky Vanilla Custard Pie, the buttery Caramel Cookie or biscuity Hazelino Muffin.

Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, Mitch Monaghan, said the new BARISTA CREATIONS flavours have been expertly blended to bring the boldness and quality of barista-made coffee and are designed to be blended with milk to create an indulgent coffee moment.

“We know Australians love milk with their coffee – with 82 per cent of consumers adding milk to their coffee to create their favourite drink” Mr Monaghan said. 

“With flavours including Caramel Crème Brulée and Caramel Cookie, the new BARISTA CREATIONS blends are just like a decadent dessert – smooth, bold and indulgent. The new flavours are irresistible for taking a sweet moment, whether it be in the morning or afternoon,” he said.  

The new Nespresso BARISTA CREATIONS flavoured coffees include three Original blends and three Vertuo blends.

Original flavoured coffees:

  • Barista Creations Vanilla Éclair – velvety Vanilla Éclair blends into a round, smooth Latin American Arabica espresso to leave a sweet and silky taste.
  • Barista Creations Caramel Crème Brulée – hints of caramel soften the roasted notes of this Latin American Arabica espresso, creating rich and creamy taste sure to sweeten the day.
  • Barista Creations Cocoa Truffle – dark cocoa meets the cereal roasted notes of a Latin American Arabica espresso to inspire a richness reminiscent of dark chocolate truffle.

Vertuo flavoured coffees:

  • Barista Creations Vanilla Custard Pie – the sweetness of vanilla pairs with silky smooth Latin American and African Arabicas to create a coffee that is, quite simply, nice as pie.
  • Barista Creations Caramel Cookie – creamy caramel and lightly roasted Arabicas from Latin America and Africa give this blend a buttery biscuit note straight out of childhood.
  • Barista Creations Hazelino Muffin – hazelnut shines through in this lightly roasted blend of Latin American and African coffees to give it the touch of a hearty pastry.

The new flavours of indulgence in Nespresso’s BARISTA CREATIONS range are now available at