Why non-coeliac Australians avoid gluten

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 21st March 2018

Gluten avoidance among Australians who do not have coeliac’s disease has plateaued new research has found.

A PhD candidate at the Australian Research Council, Kyah Hester, conducted research into how and why Australians who do not have coeliac’s disease are avoiding gluten, finding avoidance is not actually increasing.

“The research indicates that gluten avoidance rates have plateaued,” Hester said.

“The implication for the industry is that, while gluten-free products remain a vital niche market for suffers of coeliac disease, products containing gluten will continue to be used well into the future by healthy consumers.”

Hesters’ research found that many of those who avoid gluten when they are not coeliac also avoid other types of food like dairy and eggs.

“They were also significantly more likely to experience frequent adverse physiological symptoms, both after the consumption of foods and on a general daily basis,” Hester said.

The PhD candidate’s research also found that many non-coeliac people are not satisfied with the response they receive from doctors leading them to look for solutions online or via experimental diets.

“I hope my research provides insight for doctors, so that they may improve their interactions with this population, helping to reduce the risk of adopting a self-managed diet without proper investigation of their symptoms, Hester said.


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