Nestle uses sugar reduction technology in chocolate bar

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 28th March 2018

Nestle has debuted the first chocolate bar made using its new sugar reduction technology.

In late 2016, Nestle revealed that it was working on a way to reduce sugar in its food without changing the taste or using any sweeteners. The process developed by Nestles involves aerating sugar participles which then dissolve quicker on the tongue to create more sweetness with less sugar.

Nestle is now using the sugar reduction method for the first time commercially, selling a version of its white chocolate Milkybar in the UK called’ Milkybar Wowsomes’.

Milkybar Wowsomes come in two varieties and are said to have “30 per cent less sugar than similar chocolate products”. It has no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours or flavourings.

Milk is the main ingredient and a 18g bar has 95 calories.

Chief Executive Officer of Nestle UK and Ireland, Stefano Agostini, said Nestle has been working incredibly hard to make the chocolate bar a reality.

“We have a unrivalled research and development network and the experts at our Product Technology Centre in York have been instrumental in this breakthrough,” Agostini said.

Jas Scott de Martinville, Global lead for Nestle Confectionery Research and Development, called the ambition behind Milkybar Wowsomes “enormous”.

“To create a confectionery product in just 12 months which has 30 per cent less sugar than similar chocolate products and contains no artificial sweeteners is extraordinary,” Martinville said.


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