Snack Brands and Oporto partner for new product

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 15th March 2017

Snack Brands’ Thins and Oporto Chicken have released a new chip flavour.

Working together, the two brands have created ‘Thins Oporto Original Chilli Sauce’ chips.

Oporto’s Head of Marketing, Vanessa Rowed, said Oporto’s has been looking at fun and innovative ways to offer its customers the taste of its popular chilli sauce.

“Last year we launched popcorn, seasoned with our Original Chilli Sauce and this month we are very excited to have partnered up with Snack Brands to spice up the Aussie favourite ‘Thins chips’,” Rowed said.

“This is an exciting partnership for our brand, extending our reach beyond our store footprint and introducing more Australians to the flavours that made this brand famous.”

The chips are described as having a “chilli hit balanced with zesty lemon and a hint of ginger and garlic”.

Oporto’s chilli sauce is usually found on a number of Oporto menu items including its Portuguese Chicken and Bondi Burger.

The Oporto Thins are available from Oporto stores in 45g servings for AUD $2 and in 150g servings for AUD $3 from Coles.


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