Subway now using local supplier for marinara sauce

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 16th April 2018

Tomatoes ready to be used in Subway sauce

Subway has chosen to take advantage of ideal regional Victoria tomato growing conditions and change its marinara sauce supplier to a local Australian business.

Kagome Australia, a tomato processor located in Echuca in regional Victoria, will now supply marinara sauce to all Subway stores Australia-wide.

It is expected Kagome will provide over 1.5 million kilograms of the sauce to be used on over 16.5 million subs annually.

Kagome will need to grow approximately 3.5 million kilograms of tomatoes every year to make the sauce.

Subway Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Ben Miles, said it is exciting to know the sauce will be coming from a provider just down the road from Eucha’s local Subway outlet.

“The tomato marinara sauce, used in our Meatball, Pizza and Chicken Parmigiana subs, will have the same delicious taste and recipe that it’s always had, but will be grown a lot closer to home,” Miles said.

Foodservices Sales Manager at Kagome Australia, Mitch Austin, said the sauce is made using a specific tomato variety, meaning Kagome has been able to expand its growth of the variety, perfecting its flavour.

“We are proud to now supply our local Subway restaurant, and restaurants around the country, with marinara sauce made with tomatoes that are sustainably grown by farmers who live in Australia, and eat at Subway.”


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