Research reveals which Australians care about sugar when choosing food

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 18th April 2018

Nearly three in ten Australians are “very concerned” about sugar consumption new research from Nielsen and the George Institute has found.

The households most concerned about sugar consumption are those with people aged over 55 and small/single/couple households.

Concern about sugar is highest in the city, especially in Melbourne and Perth.

Consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for low sugar.

Low sugar products appeal the most to older audiences whilst health claims like organic and gluten free appeal the most to younger audiences.

“Overall, the shift towards low sugar and wellness products shows a decentralized-pattern with both lower and higher affluence driving growth,” Nielsen and The George Institute said.

“The growth is also scattered across a range of demographics, demonstrating that the search for low sugar is not confined to one type of consumer, but instead a new Australian mainstream behavour.”

Nielsen and George Institute to study food and nutrition impacts

The above research is the first released under a new partnership between Nielsen and The George Institute for Global Health.

Both organisations will now work together to provide Australian grocery brands a better understanding of the impact of information on food packs such as sugar, protein and fat.


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