Online shopping and the Ocado model

Posted by Jack Cain on 7th May 2018

In a video released by Mashable a revolutionary online retailer has revealed its usage of robotics.

Ocado a British online-only supermarket that delivers orders to customers straight from its warehouses are breaking new ground.

On the video an Ocado warehouse displays a system of 1,000 robots racing over a grid the size of a soccer field, filling orders and replacing stock.

The new system, which went live earlier this year, can fulfil a 50-item order in under five minutes.

Ocado claims it is modelled on the dynamics of biology.

Ocado sells what is usually found in a brick-and-mortar supermarket from meat, dairy, and produce to its own brand of home products, third-party goods, and even flowers, toys, and magazines.

Since Ocado’s entire business model was built from the ground up around online ordering and automation, it never had a retail operation to begin with.

Watch below as Mashable explore our online shopping future.