Customer demand sees the return of Allen’s green frogs

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 23rd August 2017

Allen’s is bringing back green frogs after years of consumers asking for the lolly’s return.

Green frogs first departed supermarket shelves in 2014 with Nestle’s Allen’s saying they were no longer popular among Australian consumers. Prior to being axed, Allen’s said red frogs were outselling green frogs ten to one.

Despite their lack of popularity when available, ever since they were discontinued, consumers have been contacting Allen’s asking for their return.

Allen’s have now decided to bring back green frogs after successfully testing their return by adding them to mixed lolly bags in 2016.

Nestle Head of Marketing – Confectionery, Anna Stewart, said Allen’s will be permanently bringing green frogs back in a form of a mixed frog bag that will also include two new frog flavours; pineapple and orange.

“It’s clear our lolly lovers are a passionate bunch, and we hope our new Frog Family ignites fond memories, creates smiles in homes nationwide, and excites people’s tastebuds with the fabulous new flavours,” Stewart said.

The new frog mix, named Allen’s Frog Family, is available in 170g servings from Coles and IGA supermarkets. The recommended retail price is AUD $2.99.

Green frogs will join Allen’s Jelly Tots which Allen’s also decided to bring back in 2015 after they were culled in 2004.


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