Is this the biggest food revolution since sliced bread?

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th June 2018

WOOLWORTHS is signalling loud and clear its vegan and vegetarian credentials to the soaring no-or-less-meat sector thanks to the piles of publicity from its controversial move to stock a 100 per cent plant-based “mince” in its meat section.

Funky Field’s ‘Minced’ comes in a 400g tray, $8, is extruded and coloured to look just like meat mince and its maker says it can be used in every dish where you ever thought about using meat.

“Get ready for the biggest food revolution since sliced bread”, a Funky Fields Facebook post said ahead of the Woolies debut last week.

Woolworths is yet to respond to angry calls from a chorus of meat industry stakeholders and advocates, including senior federal government MPs, to have Minced removed from the meat section.

It turns out that some vegans and vegetarians, commenting on social media, also want Minced removed from the meat section because they find it offensive to have to approach the area.

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