Feel free to create tasty food with vegan L-cysteine

Posted by Industry News on 1st September 2018

WACKER offers the first plant-based L-cysteine that serves as a building block for meaty and savoury flavours.

Also, by reducing the dough’s disulfide bonds, our vegan L-cysteine works as a highly efficient dough conditioner.

The dough becomes softer and easier to handle enabling various high quality bakery products.

Because of its non-animal and non-human origin it is suitable for vegan and vegetarian applications.


 WACKER’s L-cysteine and L-cystine products have convincing advantages:

  • Non-human, non-animal origin
  • Kosher, halal and TSE/BSE-safe

For more information please visit www.wacker.com/food


Vegan L-cysteine for easier dough processing