Ardmona launches the first 100% Australian grown Organic Canned Tomatoes

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th May 2019

Vibe ripened, chemical free and Australian Certified Organic.

To help meet Australia’s growing hunger for local and organically grown
produce, SPC Ardmona has launched Australia’s very first organic offering in the canned tomato category with Ardmona Organic Finely Crushed Tomatoes.

The new, premium 400g can of Ardmona Finely Crushed Organic Tomatoes makes the perfect addition to warming winter recipes like pastas, curries and soups with the added comfort of 100% locally grown and organic tomatoes.

Says Gillian Kapurubandara, Senior Brand Manager, SPC Ardmona:

“We know consumers are becoming more health conscious and looking for Organic products, and we are confident that Australians are going to love our new Ardmona Finely Crushed Organic Tomatoes”

Not only are they great for your insides and for the environment, but our Ardmona Tomatoes are vine-ripened under the Australian sun and harvested at the perfect time for maximum flavour.

These deliciously vibrant tomatoes are one hundred percent home-grown and ready to be enjoyed in kitchens all over the country.

The new Ardmona Finely Crushed Organic Tomatoes are certified by Organic Australia and are the perfect product for Australians looking for delicious canned tomatoes that burst with flavour.

Consumers can now purchase Ardmona Finely Crushed Organic Tomatoes from Woolworths stores nationwide.