Murray river organics launches organic nut-free muesli

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 12th June 2019

Murray River Organics (MRO) has launched a Nut-Free Organic Muesli, delivering a huge technical achievement and significant advance for people suffering from nut allergies.

Hitting the shelves in July under the Pacific Organics brand, the new Nut-Free Organic Muesli was the result of a specific request from a major retail partner, which had been searching for the product for a number of years.

MRO’s Chief Marketing Office, Tara Lordsmith, said: “The Nut-Free Organic Muesli is a wonderful step forward for our growing Organic brand, Pacific Organics. We are proud to have ethically sourced the best quality organic ingredients from across the world and believe this product will become a household staple for many Australians.”

MRO Chief Executive Valentina Tripp said: “Australia has the best dried vine fruit in the world and the Murray River Organics strategy for 2019 is to extend our range of branded Dried Vine Fruit products, both natural and organic, and sprinkling our delicious sultanas into this new Pacific Organics Muesli is the perfect step forward.”

The paleo and keto-friendly nut-free mix is a convenient and healthy solution for breakfast or snacking for those with nut allergies. Bursting with crunch and flavor from all-natural ingredients like organic toasted oats, toasted coconut, a range of super seeds, freeze dried raspberries and sour cherries for crunch and a hint of sweetness, there is absolutely no added sugar and all ingredients are certified organic and all natural.

All products in MRO’s Pacific Organics brand are organically certified and ideal for the savvy Australian shopper looking for premium, high quality, delicious organic food products.

There has been much debate and discussion around the Murray River Organics offices about the best way to enjoy this new Nut-Free Muesli; some love it the traditional way with milk, others with yoghurt and for the organized few, soaking it in orange juice overnight creates a near perfect Bircher muesli.

MRO’s Chief Marketing Office, Tara Lordsmith, said: “My favourite part? The freeze-dried raspberries really bring a delicious crunch, a visual pop of colour and my gosh they pack some amazing flavour. What everyone does agree on is its highly desirable crunchy texture and delicious taste. “