Coca-Cola Australia launches POWERADE Active Water: A new sports drink innovation for sugar free hydration

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th August 2019

Coca-Cola Australia has announced the launch of a new product in the sports drink category, POWERADE Active Water. Scientifically formulated withPOWERADE’s ION4 electrolyte system, the latest innovation is sugar free and designed to provide hydration before, during and after all exercise.

Designed for active people of all ages, the new drink is formulated with sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium to replace electrolytes lost during sweat, B vitamins for energy and natural flavours for taste.

NSW Institute of Sport Principal Scientist, Dr Kenneth Graham, said that staying hydrated during and after exercise is important to help people get the most out of training.

“Powerade Active Water is a good option for people who are looking for drinks that are sugar free but also contain electrolytes to support hydration,” he said.

Kate Miller, Brand Director, Stills and Emerging Brands at Coca-Cola South Pacific, said the new POWERADE Active Water product range has been introduced to meet contemporary consumer needs in the sports drink portfolio.

“We know active people are looking for ways to help replace electrolytes lost in sweat after exercise,” she said.

“POWERADE Active Water provides a sugar-free alternative to tick all those boxes for gym goers, people who play sports or those simply being active.”

The new product launch will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign, spanning PR, out of home, digital and social media, sampling and POS. The campaign will also leverage fitness partners and ‘fitfluencers’ to amplify the message.

POWERADE Active Water comes in three flavours, Peach & Apple, Mango and Lemon and will be available nationwide in a 600ml serve from July 2019.