Can USA and Australia help UK get through a ‘No Deal’ Brexit?

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st August 2019

On Sunday 18 August 2019, the UK government’s report “Operation Yellowhammer” was leaked. The document reveals the probable consequences of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit which is due to occur on 31October 2019.

According to various media sources, the key disruptions are:

  • transport disruption across the English Channel,
  • increased immigration checks at borders,
  • reduced supply of medicines and medicines,
  • decreased supply of fresh food,
  • financial losses in the fuel sector as a result of eliminating petrol import tariffs

Is there any scope for Australia and the USA to help the UK get through the predicted food and fuel shortages? Which are likely to occur as a result of a No-Deal Brexit – by supplying more fresh food and fuel respectively.

Are there any bilateral trade opportunities being discussed at top level between these countries?

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