Marley Spoon launches vegan options

Posted by Media Release Agency on 15th October 2019

Meal-kit delivery company, Marley Spoon (MMM), is launching vegan options for all Australian customers, expanding their ever-growing menu and is now the first meal-kit delivery in the country to guarantee vegan options every week. First deliveries of vegan options commence on the week of October 28 and customers can begin placing orders now. 

Marley Spoon is already the market leader for choice and flexibility, with the largest selection of meal options of any meal-kit in Australia. The new vegan additions mean the menu size is expanding from 20 to 23 to ensure every customer – vegan or not – has the perfect menu to match their tastebuds and dietary requirements. All the vegan meals from Marley Spoon contain no meat, eggs, dairy or other animal products, like honey.

Designed with easy everyday cooking in mind, the Marley Spoon chefs, recipe writers and nutritionists have developed recipes that only use healthy, all-natural ingredients so customers can enjoy cooking healthy, vegan dinners with easy-to-follow six-step recipe cards. Customers are sent all the ingredients they need in exact quantities, so there’s no food waste. The recipe options change every week so customers will never cook the same thing two weeks in a row.

The purpose of Marley Spoon has always been to bring delightful, market fresh and easy cooking to every Australian home and now we’re able to provide a greater variety of nutritious meals to our customers” said Rolf Weber, Marley Spoon Australian MD and Founder.

“More and more Marley Spoon customers in Australia seek a greater variety of healthy options – including vegan options to improve their wellness or reduce their personal impact on the earth’s resources. Better serving this need is an ongoing priority for us. Our menu will continue to grow and develop with changing and increasing customer demands. We are now in the position to provide more personalised options for current and future customers”

The update to the menu is a timely one for Australians, with interest in vegan diets climbing significantly over the last year. Marley Spoon’s Australian Culinary Director, Evan Murphy, says that the new menu has been in development for over a year, but ensuring quality and consistency was more important than rushing the launch.

“We know our customers love to cook and try new things so we’re really excited we can deliver something new and unique every week. They’ve been asking for more vegan options, but we needed to ensure we could do it in the right way, which means balanced, nutritionally sound recipes supported by premium, all-natural ingredients. We didn’t want to start delivering vegan options if they don’t meet our standard of quality.

“One of the major attractions of Marley Spoon is we remove the need to meal plan or shop for ingredients, so Marley Spoon is perfect for someone who’s interested in cooking their own vegan meals and doesn’t know where to start. We’re excited to bring stress-free, delicious and sustainable vegan cooking to even more Aussie households.”

Using ingredients from vegan suppliers like Syndian Natural Food Products, Suzy Spoon, and Uncle Harry’s Vegan Grill, all the ingredients are locally sourced and contain real vegetables, grains and seeds.