Top hospitality trends predicted to boom in 2017

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st December 2016

Fermented foods, boutique coffee roasts, and Asian pancakes are some of the major hospitality trends set to boom in 2017 according to Silver Chef’s latest annual Hospitality Industry Success Index report (HISI).

Exploring the Australian hospitality sector, the latest HISI report examines the biggest trends to hit Australia in 2016, as well as what’s expected to be ‘the next big thing’ in 2017.

Top 9 hospitality trends predicted for 2017

The report’s top nine hospitality trend predictions for 2017 are as follows:

  1. Food trucks
    With new liquor licensing laws dictating that food must be served with alcohol, food trucks have become a very handy supplier indeed. With nifty setups and minimal staff (how many can fit in a truck?) you can create anything from gourmet burgers to wood fired pizzas on the go.
  1. Smoked meats
    From the heart of America comes one of this year’s hottest trends – smoked meat. Low-cost, easy, and accessible; smoking meat allows cheap cuts of meat to be reinvented with a delicious variety of flavours and sides.
  1. Fermentation
    Healthy AND delicious, the fermentation fad is showcasing everything from kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickled veggies, and kefir. Make your own in-house, or opt for one of the amazing local, artisan brands that are popping up everywhere.
  1. Outlandish desserts
    A milkshake. Topped with doughnuts. Topped with whipped cream. Topped with a chocolate bar. Topped with chocolate sauce. Topped with…whatever your imagination desires! As far as desserts trends go, this year is all about going over the top.
  1. Multiple coffee roast options
    The average Aussie coffee drinker now knows more than ever about where their coffee came from, who made it, what it tastes like, and where the proceeds go. It’s very hard to roast a coffee that is good for both black and milk based drinks. So the bigger trend is offering three grinders; one for milk based coffee, one for black and one for invitational (guest roast). This showcases your business as a serious contender in the industry and your customers will love having a choice.
  1. Night/ street markets
    The country’s increasingly strict lockdown on drinking and late-night venues has caused a happy accident: the flourishing of night markets. A wonderful opportunity for the local community to gather and sell their wares, it’s also a booze-free, safe, and family-friendly environment to attract new visitors, too.
  1. Asian pancakes
    Peking duck pancakes have been a staple of most Chinese restaurants for years, but recently they have been stepped up to a whole new level. Everywhere from laneway eateries to modern, edgy inner-city restaurants are trying their hand at the savoury pancakes, which are cheap to make and delicious to eat.
  1. Burgers
    Once upon a time, burgers were the domain of fast food outlets or highway truck stops. Not anymore. From wagyu beef patties to freshly baked buns, the humble burger has had a major makeover in recent years. Think gourmet – and don’t skimp on the truffle mayo, either.
  1. Local artisan foods
    Thanks to the Internet, home-run local businesses are cropping up everywhere. Using seasonal produce, local labour, and often innovative concepts, you can be sourcing artisan and gourmet foods made with local produce – AND support your local community.

Silver Chef provide funding for commercial restaurant and kitchen equipment. The company was established in 1986 and was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2005. Silver Chef operates in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

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