Why celebrity mum is taking on the Big Food companies

Posted by Media Release Agency on 4th December 2019

Celebrity wellness expert Libby Babet and exercise physiologist and nutritionist, Veronika Larisova, are venturing into the beauty market with the release of an exciting new collagen snack brand, Beauty Food.

“Beauty Food is a tasty, biscuity treat made for busy people who are trying to be good but just don’t have time to prepare a healthy snack,” says Libby.

“It’s a great option that you can feel good about because not only is it healthy, but it also contains collagen to help keep your skin looking young, your nails strong, your hair in great condition, enhancing your beauty, naturally, from the inside out.”

“As a mum and business owner, my life is pretty full-on so it’s a bit of a lifesaver when I’m starving and it helps me avoid eating crappy food when I’m short on time!”

These snacks are perfectly balanced to help you look and feel great and are made using 100% natural ingredients.

There are two flavours: rich and chocolatey ‘Choc Chic’ and creamy, crunchy ‘Peanut Nutter’. Each bite packs in 11g protein and 7.5g collagen, they’re low carb (3g) and contain minimal sugar (less than 2g).

“It was essential for us to keep the sugar low in our Beauty Bite product as sugar damages our body’s natural ability to form collagen, limiting the effectiveness,” says Veronika Larisova.

“There are other collagen snacks on the market but they’re usually based on dates which pushes the sugar content up, often beyond 30%. That defeats the purpose of adding collagen in the first place and isn’t great for your skin or your health.”

“You’ll also see collagen products with very low levels of collagen, often just a few grams or less. You really need at least 5g (5000mg) or more for it to be considered an effective dose.”

Beauty Food is available to buy online at beautyfood.com.au and is just starting to hit the shelves of leading health food stores.