Arnott’s launches new Tim Tam range inspired by delicious tastes of Australia & New Zealand

Posted by Media Release Agency on 14th January 2020

Tim Tam,Australia’s number one chocolate biscuit, is bringing the flavours of Australia and New Zealand into a new range of biscuits that will be available in stores nationwide from next week. Let the countdown begin!

The Arnott’s Tim Tam Crafted Collection comprises of, not one, nor two or three, but four deliciously indulgent, new flavours! They include: Murray River Salted Caramel, Sunshine Coast Strawberries & Cream, Gisborne Orange & Dark Choc, Manuka Honey & Cream.

The Tim Tam Crafted Collection is the result of Arnott’s researching* what its fans desire most when it comes to a chocolatey treat and recognising some consumer taste preferences are changing. Australians are often looking for more indulgent treats with premium ingredients, attention to detail, and carefully crafted flavours. And that’s exactly what Tim Tam has delivered, so you can bet it’ll be worth the agonising, week-long wait, until the new range hits stores.

Matt Grant, Arnott’s Marketing Manager said, “We love our Tim Tam fans just as much as they love us, so what they want, they get. Premium ingredients – sourced from some of the best regions across Australia and New Zealand – have been expertly crafted to create an indulgent experience for everyone who loves a Tim Tam. With decadent flavours like this, what more could you wish for?”

Flavour Notes

Murray River Salted Caramel

The pristine mineral waters of the Murray Darling River Basin produce some of the best salt flakes in the world. Arnott’s have stirred these delicious salt flakes through their gooey caramel sauce and smooth caramel cream centre, before they sandwich it between two crunchy biscuits and cover with their delicious Tim Tam milk chocolate.

Sunshine Coast Strawberries & Cream

The warm, sunny days of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast produce vibrant bright, red strawberries bursting with sweetness. Arnott’s have sourced real Sunshine Coast strawberries for their delicious strawberries & cream centre before they sandwich it between two crunchy biscuits and cover in smooth Tim Tam milk chocolate.

Gisborne Orange & Dark Choc

Navel oranges from the coastal town of Gisborne bask in over 1,500 hours of sunshine before being picked at their sweetest and juiciest. Arnott’s have crafted these delicious oranges into their decadently smooth orange cream centre before they sandwich it between two crunchy biscuits and cover in premium Tim Tam dark chocolate.

Manuka Honey & Cream

The woody, rich flavour of Manuka honey is sought after the world over for its delicious, distinctive taste. Arnott’s have paired real Manuka honey in two crunchy biscuits with a delightful cream centre, all covered in Tim Tam milk chocolate, to bring you a heavenly indulgence that will leave your tastebuds buzzing.

Availability and Pricing

Experience Tim Tam biscuits new indulgent Crafted Collection range when it hits shelves in the biscuit aisle at all major grocery stores from next week.

RRP from $3.65