Australia’s first chef crafted soft drink to match with food launched this week

Posted by Media Release Agency on 30th January 2020

Australia’s first Chef Crafted culinary-paired soft drink LoveBite, will officially launch in October as the perfect match for all types of food, with a focus on burgers. In a flavour-pairing space that has long been reserved for wines, LoveBite is refreshing the non-alcoholic beverage category by elevating everyday eating occasions with multi-dimensional matched flavours.

According to Euromonitor, sales of non-alcoholic drinks have risen 57 per cent in the past five years. Frucor Senior Innovation Manager Sam Guernier says “As our appetite for non-alcoholic beverages grows, LoveBite was created for those who want to get the most out of their meals, whether it’s a simple toasted sandwich or gourmet burger. We worked closely with chefs to create the range, making sure it was a refreshing, delicious, palette cleansing drink that elevates everyday meals to an experience worth talking about and sharing.

“Burgers are the ultimate cheat meal and we wanted to enhance this experience with a drink that means every bite tastes like the first, making it an indulgent taste-fest to be savoured,” says Guernier.

Chef Adam Moore, who led the development of LoveBite, says LoveBite is a category-first that is pushing the boundaries when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages bringing ‘foodie’ values to everyday meals.

“No other soft drink in Australia has been made by chefs. We’ve crafted the LoveBite range to feature multi-dimensional flavour profiles that complement specific protein types and refresh the palette when eating greasier foods like burgers,” said Chef Adam.

“While alcohol is known for pairing to certain foods to lift and complement the eating experience, LoveBite is now proving that non-alcoholic drinks are no different when it comes to enhancing the dining experience,” said Chef Adam.

“Light carbonation cleanses the palate when eating a rich dish. This refreshes your mouth allowing each mouthful the chance to re-taste the flavours again.

“Current soft drinks on the market leave a fuzzy heavy sugar feel in your mouth and can completely take away the flavour of the food. LoveBite was designed to hero the food and rather than take away from any of the delicious flavours, instead enhances them,” said Chef Adam.

LoveBite is currently distributed across burger cafes and restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne, with distribution opening up nationally to gourmet eateries in metro areas from October.

LoveBite will officially launch in October at Sydney burger restaurant Chur Burger, in an evening all about finding your perfect LoveBite burger match. The night will be hosted by original A Perfect Match TV host, Debbie Newsome to encourage everyone to find their Perfect Match. Customers across Melbourne and Sydney will also have the chance to try a limited edition LoveBite Burger from participating burger restaurants and receive a free LoveBite drink – giving them the chance to experience a perfect culinary match.

“We are excited to be launching LoveBite under A Perfect Match theme because we know how powerful food is in bringing people together. We also believe that a drink matched to a meal can shift the simple act of eating to fulfil a basic need to that of an experience worth talking about, and that ultimately brings people closer,” said Guernier.

“We wanted to give a nod to the 80’s dating show, allowing everyone the chance to experience this perfect dining experience – because we truly believe LoveBite is The Perfect Match for food.”

LoveBite is available in three flavours, Blood Orange, Lime & Bitters; Lemon, Passionfruit & Mint; Watermelon & Mandarin. The range contains no artificial flavours or preservatives and contains approximately half the amount of sugar than standard, mainstream soft drinks.