SodaStream morality campaign pisses on bottled water makers

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th November 2016

The American division of SodaStream has angered water bottlers with a campaign showing bottled water is bad for the environment, and that SodaStream is a better option.

SodaStream, which sells a kitchen appliance which allows consumers to make their own sparkling water at home with re-useable bottles, has produced a video which sees a man shamed by people in the street for purchasing bottled sparkling water.

The video tells consumers to “stop pissing off Mother Earth” by purchasing bottled sparkling water and infers that SodaStream customers are helping the environment by just making their own sparkling water at home with tap water and the SodaStream system.

SodaStream receives cease and desist letter for campaign

In response to the video, The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) has sent SodaStream a cease and desist letter asking the company to stop airing the advertisement.

SodaStream’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Birnbaum, has however said SodaStream will not “stop up from trying to save the planet.”

He also described the IBWA (which represents major plastic bottled water manufacturers) as “nothing more than an elite group of like-minded corporate sponsors who prioritise their own profits over the care of our planet.”

“I don’t know what’s more offensive: The notion that a huge corporate organisation thinks it can silence a small company or that the message they want gagged is that plastic bottles represent a real threat to the environment,” Birnbaum told the media in response to the IBWA’s demand on SodaStream to cease and desist from its ongoing campaign.

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