WTF? Pringles is back with a new top-secret flavour

Posted by Media Release Agency on 13th February 2020

“WTF Australia? ‘What’s The Flavour?’ that is! It’s Mr P here with a brand-new mystery flavour that is so bold, so tasty and so puzzling that Aussies will be saying WTF?!

“Hidden deep in the secret Pringles food lab, the team and I have been experimenting with flavours from all corners of the world. Our Head Food Technologist has done some secret taste tests and thinks it might just be the most captivating, mystifying flavour ever created – yes, the new Mystery Flavour has those WTF?! feels!”

“I know you want me to tell you WTF, don’t you? Well, I can’t, I’m under a strict CDA, (chip non-disclosure agreement) to ensure no crumbs will be left behind.

So come on, give it a try! Bring your best taste buddies together again and try to guess #WTFMysteryFlavourAU.”

“Eat the snack, have a crack and if you get it right, you could go in the draw to WIN $10,000.”

To enter:

· Try the What’s The Flavour? Pringles new Mystery Flavour

· Find the first clue (psst… it’s on your WTF can!)

· Look out for the six clues being released on the Pringles Down Under YouTube · Submit your flavour guess on the Pringles What’s the Flavour? website – by 30 April 2020.

To trace the mystery case…head to supermarkets across Australia from 10 February where you can pick up a can for $3.99 RRP.

Try them, share them and hit up YouTube for the six clues. I can’t wait to see who cracks this mystery.