MOJO Kombucha celebrates a decade in Australia with launch of new ‘Activated’ range, including new Raspberry flavour

Posted by Media Release Agency on 25th February 2020

Pioneering beverage brand, MOJO Kombucha, has announced the launch of its new ‘Activated’ range, which includes a new and exciting raspberry flavour.

The launch, which coincides with the brand’s tenth year, will also see a packaging refresh that highlights the product’s authenticity and brand philosophy. The new labels emphasise MOJO kombucha’s traditional brewing process, which uses live cultures and probiotics and real fruit such as blueberries, strawberries and passionfruit.

The brand is seeking to challenge consumer perceptions and clear up confusion around kombucha products while also reinforcing key messaging around MOJO’s ‘always chilled, always living’ proposition.

Anthony Crabb, CEO and founder of Organic & Raw Trading Co, the producers of MOJO Kombucha, said: “MOJO has always been about helping Australians understand gut health and our new packaging is an extension of the education work we’ve been doing since we first launched a decade ago.

MOJO has always followed authentic fermentation methods – not taking any shortcuts so only the best possible kombucha makes it to the bottle.

We felt the time was right to address some of the misconceptions around kombucha and empower health conscious Aussies to make more informed choices,” he said.

MOJO’s ‘Activated’ range, including the brand-new raspberry flavour, is also available in Passionfruit, Ginger, Mango Lime, Raspberry Blueberry, Turmeric Ginger and Strawberry Hibiscus. MOJO’s entire range of kombucha is low in sugar, is packed with live cultures and probiotics and does not contain unpronounceable sweeteners.

MOJO Kombucha is available nationally at Woolworths, Coles, independent supermarkets and health food outlets.

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