Nourish the good bacteria in your gut with new Uncle Tobys super blends prebiotic fibre

Posted by Media Release Agency on 2nd June 2020

Health-conscious Aussies looking to super start their morning and their digestive system with a delicious, nutritious breakfast need look no further. The team from UNCLE TOBYS Oats is introducing a gut-healthy new addition to its Super Blends range – Prebiotic Fibre Turmeric & Coconut.

The UNCLE TOBYS Oats team launched the Super Blends range in early 2019 to meet the needs of Aussies looking for a breakfast option that has added benefits beyond a simple bowl of oats. In addition to the wholegrain and fibre goodness from oats, each blend in the UNCLE TOBYS Super Blends range is specially formulated to provide additional nutritious benefits in one convenient sachet.

The newest addition, UNCLE TOBYS Super Blends Prebiotic Fibre Turmeric & Coconut, contains a serving of oats infused with a hint of turmeric and aromatic coconut milk. It also includes an added prebiotic to nourish good bacteria in your gut and fibre to support a healthy digestive system at the start of your day.

UNCLE TOBYS Head of Marketing Michelle Katz said of the launch: “We know that gut health is important for many Aussie health enthusiasts, so we are thrilled to be able to provide an innovative product with ingredients that actively support a healthy digestive system with a blend of fibre from oats, prebiotic fibre, and wholesome ingredients. We are proud to have created a breakfast option that will help Aussies to kick start their day, with fibre supporting digestion^ and a delicious new taste.”

UNCLE TOBYS Ambassador and Nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume is already an avid supporter of the new blend, adding, “As we move into the cooler months, many of us are focused on maintaining a strong immune system. The gut plays a key role in supporting your immune system so it’s really important to keep your gut microbiome in balance. Eating a fibre-rich diet including lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and foods that contain prebiotics can help nourish the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system.

“The new UNCLE TOBYS Super Blends Prebiotic Fibre is an excellent source of whole grains and is high in insoluble fibre which keeps your digestive system moving^ by adding bulk. It also has the bonus of added prebiotic fibre to help nourish the good bacteria in your gut right from the beginning of your day,” said Alleaume.

In addition to the new Prebiotic Fibre blend, the UNCLE TOBYS Super Blends range includes two Protein variants containing 10g protein per serve. Providing 20% of the recommended daily protein requirements, these two blends are ideal for supporting muscle development and growth.

UNCLE TOBYS Super Blends are available from Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets priced at RRP $7.00 for an 8-pack of 46g sachets (368g). The three varieties are:
• NEW UNCLE TOBYS Super Blends Prebiotic Fibre Turmeric & Coconut
• UNCLE TOBYS Super Blends Protein Almond & Cinnamon
• UNCLE TOBYS Super Blends Protein Cranberry & Chia