Table of Plenty releases new Functional prebiotic breakfast range

Posted by Media Release Agency on 3rd June 2020

Australians can give sugary breakfasts the flick and balance their body with a natural and nutritious bowl of goodness from Table of Plenty’s new Functional Breakfast Range.

The range comprises four flavours – Probiotic+ Muesli, Balance+ Muesli, Immunity+ Porridge, and Probiotic+ Porridge – all of which have been thoughtfully created to help improve overall health; from immunity, healthy gut and digestive care, to muscle growth and support.

Table of Plenty founder Kate Weiss says that like all of their products, the Functional Breakfast Range is the result of research and a passion for helping Australians enjoy a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

“All the mueslis and porridges have been carefully crafted from natural ingredients to provide busy families with a nourishing and positive way to start the day. They’re enriched with carefully selected functional ingredients that support overall wellness and they taste good too,” Kate said.

“Setting yourself up with a healthy meal in the morning, not only gives you the sustenance you need to handle the day, but it will nourish your heart, soul and mind.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside, and I wanted to make it easy for everyone in the family to find the perfect balance starting from the bottom of your breakfast bowl.

“There is no better start to the day than waking up to a bowl of muesli or porridge that you know will leave you feeling satisfied until lunch. With café-worthy flavours and variety, our mueslis and porridges are sure to delight.”

The Functional Breakfast range is perfectly matched to serve with Table of Plenty’s Probiotic Kefir for a holistic gut health solution. Table of Plenty’s Functional Breakfast Range and Probiotic Kefir is available exclusively from Coles.

Probiotic+ Muesli RRP $7.20
The gut plays a huge role in overall health. With one in seven Australians experiencing digestive discomfort, we’re pleased to provide Probiotic+ Muesli, which has a balance of prebiotic fibre and probiotics that can easily be incorporated into any diet and that taste great too.

The carefully blended muesli combines the power of Prebiotic Green Banana Fibre with supplementary natural probiotics to support good bacteria in your gut.
• Flavour profile: toasted coconut and banana
• Functional wellness profile: bacillus coagulans, prebiotic (green banana flour)

Balance+ Muesli RRP $7.20
The FODMAP Diet has been created by Monash University to relieve the signs of IBS and digestive discomfort. Balance+ Muesli is a FODMAP certified cereal that is ideal for helping to manage the symptoms of IBS.

Balance+ Prebiotic Muesli is a delicious certified low FODMAP, fruit-free muesli that is ideal for helping to manage IBS and balance digestion.

A nutritious blend of toasted almonds, coconut and seeds with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, it’s a perfect way to start your day, especially for those following a low FODMAP diet.
• Flavour profile: toasted almonds, seeds and vanilla
• Functional wellness profile: prebiotic fibre, beta-glucan

Immunity+ Porridge RRP $7.20
With immunity high on everyone’s agenda, Immunity+ Porridge is not only deliciously flavoured with ginger, honey and coconut, it provides 25% of daily RDI of vitamin C. A perfect immunity building breakfast over this winter. Boost your immunity naturally with vitamin C from Australian Native Kakadu Plum and multivitamin mix, blended with warming honey and ginger.
• Flavour profile: ginger, honey and coconut
• Functional wellness profile: vitamin C, B2, iron

Protein+ Porridge RRP $7.20
Protein and fibre are important to allow the body to be nurtured and to function optimally. Protein+ Porridge provides energy and supports muscle growth, allowing you to feel fuller for longer.

Table of Plenty’s delicious Chocolate Coconut Porridge is made with nourishing Australian oats, blended with natural plant-based protein.
• Flavour profile: chocolate and coconut
• Functional wellness profile: almonds, pea protein