When iconic flavours collide one sweet, shattering bite at a time

Posted by Media Release Agency on 3rd September 2020

Not surprisingly, a new study commissioned by Violet Crumble, has revealed more than half of Aussies believe that honeycomb and chocolate are iconic flavours of the past decade. 

However, a new player was revealed with 28% agreeing caramelised white chocolate is an iconic flavour combination.

“We thought, well there you go 83% of Aussies can’t be wrong, so let’s see what happens when two of Australia’s favourite flavour combinations collide. The result is something truly iconic,” says Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz, who produces Violet Crumble products from their Adelaide-based factory.

Introducing Violet Crumble Caramel

A shattering new addition to Australian households, the bite-sized chunks offer a fresh take on an Aussie classic – legendary golden honeycomb covered in a creamy caramel flavoured white choc.   

Coming at a time when Aussies need a treat thanks to 2020, Violet Crumble Caramel is positioned as the flavour combination of the decade that will help you forget the past eight months.

Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz continued; “It’s been a challenging year for all Australians, to say the least, and we know that our sweet flavour combinations offer some satisfying relief and escapism, bringing some fun back into the day and shattering cravings.”

“When we first trialled the new flavour combo we instantly knew we were on to something. You bite into that smooth caramel flavour, followed by the shattering sharpness of the honeycomb and it smells incredible!”

From the introduction of the Violet Crumble Dark bar last year and the Violet Crumble Dark bag released in Autumn, Violet Crumble has also been released as nuggets, an Easter egg and even a Gaytime since Robern Menz brought the Violet Crumble brand back to Australian production and ownership in 2018.

“When we took ownership of Violet Crumble, and began producing it here in Australia, we had the freedom to innovate and trial different formats and flavours of the iconic bar to appeal to constantly evolving trends, and with Caramel we really did it, we’re onto a winner.”

The Violet Crumble Caramel 170g bag is available nationally in Woolworths stores and online at an RRP of $4.40.