Keep parm and carry on, Arnott’s sheds light on the parmi/parma debate

Posted by Media Release Agency on 17th September 2020

The perfect solution to satisfy those pub cravings at home or on-the-go, the snacking wizards at Arnott’s have cooked up a delicious new flavour in their Shapes Aussie Legends range; Chicken Parmigiana.

Capturing the quintessential Australian pub meal in a perfect blend of savoury tastiness, the new Shapes Chicken Parmigiana are shaped like Australia (with some Tassie shaped crackers included in each box).

Shannon Wright, Arnott’s Marketing Manager, Savoury says,
“We know Aussies are a nation of pub lovers and it’s been tough not being able to enjoy our favourite pub feeds as often as we’d like the past few months. So we decided to expand our Shapes Aussie Legends range with another one of the tastes Australians love.

Shapes means Flavour You Can See, but in this case it also means Flavour You Can Debate. Depending on region the nation is divided on whether you call it a Parmi or Parma. We chose to include both versions on either side of the new Aussie Legends boxes!”

Shapes Chicken Parmigiana Flavour Notes
The new flavour expertly blends tastes of the classic ingredients of a Chicken Parmigiana, with mild parmesan cheese, a rich tomato and garlic sauce, topped with Italian herbs on a crispy chicken schnitzel, all united into one delicious mouth-watering experience.

The new Arnott’s Shapes Chicken Parmigiana are available in stores nationwide from early September. RRP from $3.20/ea.

Research Findings
The reveal of Shapes Chicken Parmigiana set off a national Parmi/Parma debate, which led Arnott’s to commission consumer research that uncovered some interesting points* about how Australians feel about the beloved pub dish.

Australia is divided on what they call a Chicken Parmigiana

  • Parma 34%
  • Parmi/Parmy 45%
  • Other 21%

In a rebuke of the national consensus, however, Victorians strongly prefer “Parma”


  • Parma 64%
  • Parmi/Parmy 20%

Whilst the Northern Territory takes a more long-winded approach, with half not shortening the term at all


  • No abbreviation 50%
  • Parmi/Parmy 50%

Perhaps we shorten it because it’s a tough one to spell
Research reveals 45% of Australians are spelling Chicken Parmigiana wrong, with a further 11% admitting they have no clue where to even start when spelling it out.

Some alternate ways Aussies are spelling the dish include:

  • Chicken Parmigana (17%)
  • Chicken Parmegiana (8%)
  • Chicken Parmegana (4%)
  • Chicken Parmajana (4%)

What are the essential parmigiana ingredients?:
Beyond chicken, cheese and tomato sauce, Australians have a diverse opinion on what they believe are essential ingredients for the dish:

  • Ham (34%)
  • Tomatoes (22%)
  • Bacon (16%)
  • Eggs (10%)
  • Red wine (4%)
  • Broccoli (2%)
  • Interestingly, half of NT residents (50%) say putting an egg on their Chicken Parmigiana is the right way to do it.

Who doesn’t love a good pub feed?

  • Nearly a quarter (24%) of Australians eat at least 2 Chicken Parmigiana per month
  • 26% of Victorians say a Chicken Parmigiana will be the first meal they eat when the state comes out of lockdown

Where does Chicken Parmigiana originate from? A question that often suffices is around where the delicious dish derived from and how it become so popular in Australia.

However, It has become evident that no one really knows, with the most popular guess including:

  • Italy (58%)
  • Australia (19%)
  • USA (9%)
  • Panama (1%)