Baby Boomers a booming segment for alcohol industry, Nielsen

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 29th January 2018

Baby Boomers may be Australia’s next booming customer base for alcohol retailers new Nielsen research suggests.

According to Nielsen data, Baby Boomers are drinking more than Millennials with more than two-thirds of Baby Boomers saying they have consumed alcohol in the past month. By way of comparison, just over half of Millennials have consumed alcohol in the past month.

Baby Boomers now also have more disposable income than they did five years ago and are spending more on entertainment and recreational activities.

Baby Boomers’ favourite drink

Australian Baby Boomers’ favourite drink is wine with beer a close second. The group is also more likely to have had scotch or whiskey in the past month.

One-in-four Baby Boomers look for “good value” when purchasing wine. Cost is however not always the biggest consideration for Boomers with the group 35 per cent more likely to spend more on “quality wine and spirits”.

How alcohol retailers can reach Baby Boomers

Nielsen suggests retailers should consider advertising in catalogues as Baby Boomers are 30 per cent more likely to have read an alcoholic-beverage related catalogue in the past month.

Television, commercial radio and newspapers are also suggested with Baby Boomers heavy consumers of all three of these media options.


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