Banksia Bakehouse celebrates Australia’s very own apple with signature cake

Posted by Media Release Agency on 30th September 2020

Sydney CBD’s newest bakehouse, Banksia Bakehouse, is celebrating Australia’s humble Granny Smith – an ‘accidental’ Aussie creation – during October, with its signature Apple Delight. It comes as the annual month-long Granny Smith Festival kicks off on October 1.

The Granny Smith Festival, held by Ryde Council, honours Maria Ann ‘Granny’ Smith, who grew the first Granny Smith apple in 1868 on her family orchard in Eastwood. Maria accidentally created the new variety of apple when she discarded over-ripe French crab apples near her creek. From these, seedlings sprouted that produced a green apple like no other.

With its light green skin, sweet taste, and crisp juicy flesh that make it the perfect filling for pies, pastries and cakes – and, now, Banksia Bakehouse’s Apple Delight – it’s not surprising that the Granny Smith was classed as the best cooking apple in Australia and has become a popular apple variety throughout the world (it’s the second most popular apple in the UK!)

It’s also the inspiration for the Apple Delight, a unique, gluten free cake that resembles, and is made using, Granny Smith apples. Banksia Bakehouse only opened in August but their Apple Delight has already become a customer favourite and a social media star, thanks to its glossy green ‘skin’, crisp white chocolate shell and moist cinnamon-spiced apple compote centre made from Granny Smith apples and surrounded by delicate vanilla cream. And just like an apple pie, it sits on a crisp sable cookie base (made from gluten free and almond flour).

“Our team of cake and pastry specialists were thrilled to create a special cake that pays homage to an Australian pioneering woman,” says Chris Sheldrick, Banksia Bakehouse’s co-owner, who lives minutes from where the Granny Smith was first grown. “We love apple pie and wanted to add it to our menu but as it’s quintessentially American, we wanted something that was uniquely Australian and move it away from being a pie. Hence the Apple Delight was born! It’s a beautiful patisserie item and still has elements of a traditional apple pie but with an Australian twist.

“Few people know the Granny Smith was an Aussie creation and we’re proud to be able to help create awareness for such a special apple – particularly when international tourists return to the CBD!”

Banksia Bakehouse’s Apple Delight costs $10 and is made each weekday, year round at the bakehouse, which is nestled fountain side in Grosvenor Place on Sydney’s George Street. In fact, customers can watch the pastry chefs making Apple Delights – as well as homemade-style pies, celebration cakes, croissants and cruffins – through the bakehouse’s oversize window, one of the largest in the state.  

You can discover more about Banksia Bakehouses’ other baked goods here. Further information on this October’s month-long Ryde City Council Granny Smith Festival can be found here.

Banksia Bakehouse is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4.30pm at Grosvenor Place, 225 George Street, Sydney.