Belvedere launches Heritage 176 – a taste of vodka’s past

Posted by Media Release Agency on 26th November 2020

Belvedere, the world’s first super-premium vodka, today introduces Belvedere Heritage 176, an innovative malted rye expression made using the centuries-old technique of malting to release rye’s extraordinary potential to impart rich taste and character.

This process, which includes steeping, sprouting and heating the rye in kilns up to 176 degrees (hence the name Heritage 176), unlocks rich depth, flavor and aroma that would otherwise remain hidden in the rye.

Up until the 1890s, Polish rye vodka-makers for centuries relied on the technique of malting rye to produce vodka with distinct flavour. As distillation scaled and modernised, technology evolved and, as the old malting traditions faded out, vodka took on a more neutral flavour. However, with a long-standing tradition of challenging neutrality, Belvedere’s Master Rye Distillers have revived the centuries-old malting rye technique.

Rich and full-bodied, with hints of honey, walnut, and allspice, Heritage 176 is best savoured on its own or over ice with a lemon twist known as “The Heritage Rocks.’

President & CEO of Belvedere Vodka, Rodney Williams, commented: “Belvedere remains committed to showcasing that rye can impart unexpected, authentic and nuanced taste. In 2018, our release of two different Single Estate Rye vodkas based on the same strain of rye demonstrated that terroir plays a significant role in shaping rye flavours.” Williams continued, “now with Heritage 176, we are continuing to display rye’s enormous potential for rich and bold flavours, this time by malting rye to bring out its depth of flavour. Heritage 176 is a new sipping vodka based on old production technique.”

“Heritage 176 provides an exciting adventure and sense of discovery,” said Ian Wisniewski, world renowned vodka historian and expert. “The first impression is sheer elegance. The palate then reveals range and intensity; nuttiness and rye bread accompanied by sweetness that extends into honeyed finish, with apricot and prune hints.” Wisniewski continued, “each sip reveals different nuances, which means one glass delivers a multi-dimensional experience.”

Heritage 176’s packaging has been designed to reflect the craftsmanship and traditions that lie at the heart of the centuries-old story of malting rye. Featuring a golden-bronze colour palette, a distinctive bottle shape and classic label architecture, Heritage 176 differentiates itself from the rest of the Belvedere portfolio to celebrate its unique flavour profile.

The new Belvedere Heritage 176 (RRP $83) is now available in 70CL from Shorty’s Liquor and BoozeBud