Top five food and beverage trends for 2017, Innova Market Insights

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st November 2016

‘Clean and clear’ labelling, plant-based products and less sugar are amongst the Innova Market Insights top food and beverage trend predictions for 2017.

Looking forward to the new year already, Director at Innova Market insights, Lu Ann Williams, said “naturalness” and “clean labelling” will continue to be popular in 2017. However, “clean labelling” may also become “clear labelling” with an emphasis on information clarity about the supply chain, going beyond the removal of artificial substance for foods.

“It has become somewhat of a running theme through our trends forecasts in recent years,” Williams said.

“In 2008, ‘Go Natural’ led our trends list, and since then the theme has featured each year in different forms, such as ‘Processed is Out’ in 2011, ‘From Clean to Clear Label’ in 2015 and ‘Organic Growth for Clear Label’ in 2016,” she commented.

Innova Market Insights top five food and beverage trends for 2017

Innova Market insights’ top five food and beverage trends for 2017 are as follows:

  1. Clean labelling – Innova Market Insights says that a “clean and clear label is the new global standard”. Demand for transparency from consumers now means they want to know the entire supply chain history, including whether supply chain practices are environmentally friendly and treat animals well.
  2. Plant-based alternatives will become main stream – Innova said plant-based milks, meat alternatives and vegan options have “rapidly moved into the mainstream”. The research company says more consumers will be looking into how they can incorporate these types of foods into their everyday diets.
  3. Balancing sugar intake – Innova says “sugar is under pressure” even through it is still the main ingredient used by food manufacturers to deliver the right taste to consumer. In 2017, food and beverage companies will have the challenge of balancing taste with consumer demand for less sugar and clean labels.
  4. Authentic international cuisine – With knowledge of international cuisine now just a couple of clicks away, consumers will want fancier international cuisines in 2017. Pizza and pasta alone will not be enough, but ‘authentic’, traditional meals will be what consumers are after.
  5. Consumers will adapt diets to suit their health needs – Consumers will increasingly personalise their diet to eat what they think will make them feel better. They will also experiment with special diets like paelo and low FODMAP.

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