Hygiene & Safety Updates for the Food Manufacturing Industry – Free Interactive Guide

Posted by Media Release Agency on 19th January 2021

Pro-Visual Publishing in conjunction with Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) Foundation have released their interactive augmented reality (AR) safety guide, the Food Manufacturing Industry Guide to Workplace Safety 2021, distributed nationally, free of charge.

The wall-mountable Guide is designed for display year-round to address topical key, hazard and hygiene issues relating to the industry. Staying up to date with this essential information will help ensure the safety and well-being of manufacturers and all workers within the food manufacturing supply chain.

Together Pro-Visual Publishing and their partnering Associations have addressed relevant safety issues including:

  • Fire safety in food factories.
  • Health & hygiene advice.
  • COVID-19 advice, regulatory compliance & associated global supply issues.

The digital feature of AR aims to enhance engagement and offers an aspect of interactivity that makes learning very easy with a phone or tablet, plus helps to make it a go-to piece over other print material. By simply downloading the free Pro-Vis AR app and scanning over any AR capable content, food manufacturers can access additional resources, including a variety of informative weblinks to information on the Food Standards website.

For further information, or to obtain copies of the Guide, please call (02) 8272 2611 or visit www.provisual.com.au