AMCOR offers new wine canning technology to customers

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th January 2008


Amcor has developed an innovative solution for filling cans with wine. The patented Roseworth™ process allows winemakers to can wine without using special winemaking techniques.

Wine in cans gives consumers a safer and more convenient choice for situations such as sporting events, night clubs and picnics. Read more

The Roseworth™ process creates growth opportunities for winemakers in Australia and New Zealand by helping them develop new markets and market segments. Convenient and portable packs can be configured to many secondary packaging options, creating new choices for consumers.
Jonathon Lockhead, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Amcor Beverage Cans, sees considerable potential for this innovative technology.

“Putting wine into cans is a great concept that can help expand our customers’ businesses by allowing them to supply products that tap into the ‘convenience’ and ‘on the go’ consumer trends. The use of premium slimline and shaped cans helps winemakers further differentiate their products in what can be a crowded marketplace,” Lockhead said.

Canned wine has excellent shelf stability, is easily chilled, and offers a sturdy packaging format. The light weight and recyclability of aluminium cans also underpin the strong environmental credentials of the canned wine option.

Amcor was able to create the leading edge process through its understanding of the technical issues of canning wine. The new technology is supported by Amcor’s global research and technology development capability and international network of partners.

A range of can sizes and shapes, including custom-shaped cans, are available. Amcor can also support its customers with design capabilities and complementary packaging.