Burger King takes next step in franchising

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 1st May 2008

Burger King is set to commit to new franchises to help grow the brand. They are keen to create ‘Whopper Bars’ which will be a more exciting experience for the customer with the burgers to be made in front of them. The stores are designed to be small so that they can fit into spaces where a Burger King outlet would not be feasible.

At the moment the concept is still being explored in more detail and the first Whopper Bar is not expected to open in America until early next year. Success in America is to dictate whether or not they will create the bars in other countries.

The project has been almost five years in the making, with the menu yet to be finalised – at least ten different types of whoppers are likely to be available.

Please tell ausfoodnews.com.au of your opinion on the proposed ‘Whopper Bar’. Would it be successful in Australia?