Frozen food to come back in vogue?

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 5th May 2008

Australian consumers, in search of a way to combat spiralling food prices, may head back to the frozen food aisle, according to retail consultant ‘SRCG‘.

Purchasing frozen food is a cheaper option for two primary reasons: the cost at the checkout is lower than that of similar fresh produce and less wastage results as frozen food, unlike fresh produce, is usually able to be used for up to six months after purchase. The lower cost at the checkout in a volatile economic environment coupled with the extended shelf life, which is very useful as Australians lead increasingly busy lifestyles, could lead to a shift in consumer preferences.

Australian consumers have, however, become accustomed to buying fresh products in the belief that they are healthier and tastier and, changing such an opinion will not prove to be easy.

With food prices escalating at rates higher than Australia has seen for many years it will be interesting to see whether hip-pocket nerve will override many consumers resistance to change.