Restaurants becoming increasingly creative

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 5th May 2008

Restaurants are constantly looking for new ways to separate themselves from their many competitors and this has seen a growing number of restaurants worldwide opt for something completely original.

In France there has been the creation of a restaurant where people eat in the dark and are served by visually-impaired waiters. The chefs and barmen are in rooms separated form the dining room and cook and prepare drinks in light, but all the waiters are visually-impaired and the dining room is pitch black. The novel idea has proven a hit with consumers whose other senses are heightened by their inability to see. The concept was created by a blind Swiss clergyman who came up with the idea following his experiment of blinding his house-guests so they could gain a greater appreciation of how he lived his life. The success of the restaurant, which opened in Paris in 2004, has led to a number of similar restaurants opening around the world.

The popular ‘Ninja’ restaurant in Chicago is another example of an interesting restaurant concept, with diners treated to performances by people dressed as ninjas during their meal. Homaru Cantu meanwhile, a head chef at the ‘Moto’ restaurant in Chicago, has created edible menus and mango which literally melts on your plate. Similarly, well-renowned restaurants like ‘The Fat Duck’ and ‘El Bulli’ have been praised for their commitment to a scientific approach to cooking, which presents interesting and uncommon flavour sensations to their diners.

There is also ‘Dinner in the Sky’, a concept created in Belgium and now beginning a European expansion. The restaurant is suspended in the air and it serves as a new, exciting option for corporate meetings and lunches to take place.

As consumers have becoming increasingly knowledgeable about food, restaurateurs have been presented with an opportunity to branch out and let their imagination guide them. Creativity, which has often scared away diners in the past, is now the key to the success for many restaurants.

Dinner in the Sky