Raw fish boom continues unabated

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 7th May 2008

The raw fish trade is booming in Australia, as consumers begin to realise that raw fish is not only very healthy but also delicious. However, chefs and sushi experts at a restaurant summit recently held in Tokyo have made clear their concern about the possible danger of the raw fish boom.

As popularity of traditional Japanese food has escalated over the past decade food-safety risks may also have been increasing, as amateur consumers and businesses seek to make their own sushi. Businesses are beginning to serve raw fish more often but many are unaware of the suitable food safety standards they must adhere to; while consumers are increasingly likely to buy fish at the market or local fish shop and turn it into sushi/sashimi.

Salmon sashimi

There are a couple of minor dangers with sushi – not all fish are suitable for being eaten raw and not all parts of suitable fish should be used and, most importantly, it needs to be handled correctly. As amateurs use more, the number of food poisoning cases is destined to rise from the current low numbers.

Ultimately, raw fish is a very safe and healthy product for businesses to serve their consumers, though food retailers looking to capitalise on the raw fish boom need to make sure they understand the risks posed by raw food.